Family Week

Family Week

Some of the feedback we have received from visitors…

  • “What an enchanting place! We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. A wonderful place to bring our city children to see farm animals and taste real milk and breathe fresh air!”
  • All of the community members are marvelous, making this stay really comfortable. I felt very welcomed and included”.
  • “It was very exciting to be part of a project which aims to promote sustainable living.”
  • “Monkton Wyld Court is the closest I’ve got to a “show case” of how to live sustainably, using renewable resources, and managing local resources wisely and effectively”.
  • “I would recommend MWC to anyone and everyone. We should all be doing it!”
  • “Monkton Wyld Court is a unique combination of natural serenity and touch of heritage. The place brought us close to nature through its farms, gardens, log fires and fresh produce. The friendly community and lovely hosts made us feel at home all the time. A holiday at Monkton Wyld is guaranteed to be memorable for everyone. I came back truly satisfied, but wish to go back for a longer stay”
  • “This two-week stay was one of the best experiences of my life!”
  • “One of my favourite places!”

Thanks to our guests and volunteers for all your valuable comments!

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