Tomato HarvestA Selection of Garden SquashesApple Harvest (Photo by Howard Davis)Edible flower salad

We try our very best to eat and drink in a way that celebrates the richness of our soil and the land of the surroundings, the hard work of our gardeners, volunteers and other local producers. All our food is organic and we grow as much as possible ourselves in our Victorian walled kitchen garden, orchards and fruit garden.

Meal Prices

  • Breakfast available between 7.00 and 10.00 (included in B&B price or £4.50 if staying on a dormitory basis)
  • Lunch £8 per person and is served at 13.00 (£4 for under 12’s and free for under 4’s)
  • Dinner £10.95 per person and is served at 18.00 (£5 for under 12’s and free for under 4’s)

Chili dryingAll our meals are also home-cooked and vegetarian, and are lovingly produced in our Victorian Kitchen, the majority on our wood-burning range. The kitchen works in close partnership with the garden, serving meals based on seasonal produce and the abundance of each season. As part of a cooperative of local producers, Monkton Wyld Court supports local growers and food producers, and this is complemented by ingredients from further afield, whereby every effort is made to source those which are produced in an ethical and environmentally conscious way. We can cater for most special dietary requirements and diets if given advance notice.

Cow and calfSue MilkingMaking CheeseCheese Platter

Our dairy produce comes from the Jersey cows which are milked by our tenant farmers or community members. The raw milk is then processed in our micro-dairy, and turned into fresh pasteurised milk, cream, yoghurt, cheese and occasionally butter and ice cream. The cows graze freely on our meadows and in the Winter feed from the hay which is produced carbon neutrally through scything throughout the Summer. We also keep pigs to feed on the whey (by-produce of cheese-making), in turn producing excellent compost for the gardens.

Pizza from the Cob Oven If you are planning a larger event such as a wedding or birthday party, our cob pizza oven can be hired at an extra cost. Hand-built, it is capable of baking up to around 25 pizzas, hand-made by our kitchen staff — or top them yourselves! We love to cater outdoors when the weather is kind, and we also have an outdoor kitchen fully equipt with a large oven and hob.  You can also book our tiny but fully-licensed pub which always has a variety of local beers on hand and occasionally a local cider.