Here our fantastic volunteer Viktoria Partyka from Berlin shares more about her experiences at Monkton Wyld Court.


What first brought you to Monkton Wyld Court?

I wanted to travel as a wwoofer (WWOOF for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) for a year after finishing school in Germany/Berlin. The motivation was based on widening my knowledge about sustainability, trying out a completely different lifestyle and mainly learning about life itself – you can’t learn that in any school. Travelling is the best education of life you can get.
When I looked up all the different woof hosts, Monkton seemed to combine everything – a place to really melt into gardening and farming but also to meet the most inspiring people and feel what it means to be sustainable with body and soul. Now it’s the third time I’m volunteering at the community. This place never stops changing, so every single time you learn something new.

What is an average day for a volunteer at MWC?

The morning meeting is at 8.30am in which the community makes sure everyone feels well and knows what to do. There are different areas volunteers can work in – the house, the kitchen, the garden, the grounds, the farm, the office and maintenance. If you have a preference or a special interest in one of those areas, the community takes care to plan this in as best as possible. An average working day goes from 9am to 5pm with two generous tea breaks and an hour long lunch break at 1pm. Once a week volunteers are asked to do an extra job like cleaning the dining room or washing up in the evening. Dinner is at 6pm and afterwards everyone is free to do whatever they feel like- enjoying a beer at the Monkton Pub, sitting at the fire pit, having deep talks with the people, making some music or just retreating in their room and having a quiet evening reading.

What is your favourite thing about MWC?

The varying work areas – every day brings different jobs and experiences. But mainly the vibrancy of the community – the very friendly and open-minded people including community members, volunteers and guests equally.

What is the worst thing about MWC?

It’s important for potential volunteers to know that the work at Monkton can be physically hard and exhausting. It’s also important to know that every hard-working day brings a deep feeling of satisfaction and the knowledge to have done something for a beautiful purpose – for the nature of our planet.

What have you learned whilst volunteering here?

It’s hard to explain because volunteering at MWC seems to unfold something very deep inside you if you really go into it. Inner peace and satisfaction, a connection to nature and a feeling of balance in life are just few aspects of that. Depending on your commitment you can learn a lot about sustainable living, organic gardening/farming and self-sufficiency. Mainly you get inspired by this different life style and the stories and wisdom people hand over to you. You get this passionate urge to evolve your personality and change your own life to a more conscious, natural and happy one.


If you would like to volunteer at Monkton Wyld Court please get in touch! You can download a volunteering application form here-