Scything & Land Management Course May 10th – 12th 2019

 £135  (Whole course)

Includes dinner on Friday and lunch Saturday and Sunday.

With Simon Fairlie


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6pm Friday – 5pm Sunday  (Whole course)

  6pm – 8pm Friday AND 09:30am – 5pm Saturday (Beginner course only)

  09:30 am – 5pm Sunday (Advanced course only)


Whole course £135 per person includes supper on Friday and lunch on Saturday and Sunday

Beginner course £80 per person includes supper on Friday and lunch on Saturday

Advanced course £65 per person includes lunch on Sunday

From the course leader:

Beginners often imagine that a two day course is a bit excessive, just to learn how to use a garden tool; and that is true if all you want to do is knock down weeds. But anyone who wants to mow grass on any scale will benefit from a two day course, and people who do the course come away saying “I don’t know how you could cram all that into one day”.

Two days gives you enough time to practice different peening methods; I also spend more time on grass management, and demonstrate how to make and stack a hay rack, which enables you to make hay even in changeable weather.

Beginners may opt to come only on Friday evening and Saturday. Improvers who have done a beginner’s course with me or someone else can opt to come only on the Sunday.

Friday Evening:

  • Brief history and sociology of the scythe


  • Selecting the right blade and snath for the job (or making best use of what you’ve got):
  • Setting up a scythe and snath;
  • Sharpening;
  • Basic mowing technique;
  • How to avoid damaging the blade, and how to repair chips and cracks;
  • Basic peening demonstration.


  • Early morning mowing
  • Managing grass with scything in mind;
  • Small-scale haymaking techniques
  • Peening practice with jig and bar peen anvil

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Scythe importer and grass management enthusiast Simon Fairlie heads Chapter 7 of The Land is Ours and The Land Magazine (among other things) from his stable block offices here at Monkton Wyld Court.