Our beautiful walled vegetable garden.

Providing our community and guests with fresh homegrown food all year round.


Our growing area consists of a Victorian walled garden…

… a greenhouse,

… polytunnels,

… a salad bed,

… open fields for potatoes …

… and beans …

… thirty apple, pear and plum trees spread around the site,

… and several fruit cages.


January. The garden is covered in a fur of green manure.

Whilst we’re harvesting plenty of lettuce, preparations are made for the new growing season.

It all starts in the propagators. One is kept at 21 degrees, …

… another at 15 degrees.

In spring, the propagation area expands into the polytunnels, where the winter chard is still growing (and an extra early crop of potatoes).

Hardening off in the coldframe…

… and planting out.

The first fresh harvest in May are the broad beans, planted in October.

They mark the start of the season of mass blanching and freezing for winter use.

An energetic volunteer earthed up all potatoes in the walled garden in an afternoon.

Others turn the compost heap.

Midsummer. The polytunnels are now filled with cucumbers, tomatoes, aubergines and peppers.

A kitchen order has been weighed and recorded.

Garlic and potatoes are drying out in the greenhouse.

Early autumn.

Now pumpkins are curing in the greenhouse and a new generation of seedlings is waiting to be planted out in the polytunnels…


… for a next winter crop.